About Kenneth Samson, Esq.


Kenneth Samson has over 40 years experience serving the needs of clients in the real estate community. During my years of practice I have conducted over 10,000 transactions and have dedicated myself to providing the highest standard of representation at extremely affordable fees.

In addition I have successfully secured loan modifications for hundreds of client giving them an opportunity to remain in their homes and start fresh. I have also prepared wills and handled estates for many clients and lastly have prepared medical powers of attorney and living wills for many clients.


Areas of Practice


 - Residential Real Estate -

 - Commercial Real Estate -

 - Short Sales -

 - Loan Modifications -

 - Wills & Living Wills -


Contact Information


Kenneth Samson, Esq.
Park 80 West – Bldg II
250 Pehle Ave Suite C06
Saddle Brook, NJ 07663
p: 201-729-4051
f: 201-729-4053
e: ksamson@ksamsonesq.com